About us

We are academics who met at a conference in 2014 where we discovered our shared interest in erotica and fucked one another. We then began corresponding about erotica, exchanging ideas, stories and experiences, and turning each other on through our writing. Thinking we may be good at this, we came up with the idea to blog and publish our writing. The result is this website, as well as the plan to publish e-books in the future.

‘Bittersweet Eros’

Our interests tend towards the themes of dominance and submission, and particularly spanking. But we are intrigued by the possibilities opened up by writing to explore many erotic areas. Although neither of our academic disciplines involves researching sex and erotica, as academics we are fascinated by the relationship between the erotic and philosophy, psychology, society, history, culture, literature and art; we intend to develop this interest through essays and other ‘thought-pieces’. Above all we are both drawn to literary erotica and the principles of intelligent, good writing. But neither of us would deny a place in our lives to straightforward hot and dirty pornography.

‘Lacey DeLeye’

The essays on this site, although posted under one or other of our names (which, for reasons which are doubtless obvious, are pseudonyms), will usually be collaborative. The stories (both fictional and non-fictional) are individually authored.

Finally, since some readers may be curious, although we occasionally engage in spanking and fucking one another, we are not in a relationship together. We simply love sex and erotica, and we write on sex and erotica because we love it. Our hope is that readers feel the same way about our writing.

If you would like to contact us (and we encourage and welcome comments and feedback, both good and bad), please use the contact form below: