New writing and stories

Followers of this blog may be forgiven for thinking it has become moribund. It is true (and this is an understatement) that little has happened here for a few weeks. Consider it a hiatus while a number of pressing tasks—academic work, editorial projects, the process of writing itself—made demands on our hours and energy. For neither of us are full-time bloggers and writers of erotica (we both blog and write on other things). This has caused us to reflect on the process of blogging, writing and marketing erotica—indeed, any genre of writing—and we will at some point share those reflections. But for now we thought it best to provide a brief update. While we may have been quiet, we have certainly not been idle.

I will at some point be publishing sequels to Charles and Susan: A Romance. My plan is for two further books, one of which will take the form of short writing about the wonderful couple and should be published later this year. It is in an embryonic state at present.

In the meantime a few projects are under development. The first, a novella (possibly a novel) entitled The Pen is well advanced. It began as no more than an attempt to dash off and publish quickly a short story; it has burgeoned into something quite different, an erotic novel about writing and erotica, and a project that has become increasingly important to me.

Another advanced project—indeed, the one most likely to be published in the near future—will be penned under the name ‘Stephanie Peach’ and entitled Texas Stories. This, too, has grown from its original idea: a series of loosely connected and racy short stories is now becoming a more defined novella.

Lacey and I have also been working on some short stories which we hope to publish soon, both here and in a collection (provisionally entitled Peach and Other Stories).

Lacey, for her part, when not immersed in the demands of academia and philosophy, has been conducting some interesting ‘research’ for her own erotica. When I mentioned to her that we should be posting an update on what we are doing, she suggested not only that, when next we meet, I would be ‘perfectly entitled’ to spank her for the delays in her writing, but also that I should ‘tell our readers that much of my very limited free time is spent taking my knickers off in the name of art’. Excitingly, she also tells me that along with the resulting ‘art’ itself, she also intends writing about the ‘research’ that goes into making it.

So that’s what we have to look forward to: a lot of new writing, and a spanking for Lacey.

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