Update: Charles and Susan: A Romance

The cover…

My first ebook, Charles and Susan: A Romance, should (all being well) be available on Kindle this week. As I write this, it is going through the review process on Amazon. I shall post more news as and when it appears in the Kindle store (and elsewhere, particularly All Romance and Smashwords).

Some readers will have noticed that there is already a six-part story on this website entitled Charles and Susan. This is the original version of what has become the ebook. I will be leaving this story up for a few days, but once the ebook has been published I shall take it down (although I will be happy to distribute a pdf version privately to anyone interested). There are significant differences between the original story and the forthcoming ebook: the story is in six parts and is 9,500 words long; the ebook is in ten chapters and is 37,500 words long. Unsurprisingly, given the increase in length, the ebook is a much more developed story, with richer characters and a deeper narrative. Although it has taken a little longer than I had anticipated, I am very happy with the end result!

I will be posting more on this once the ebook has been published, as well as linking of course to the various places where it can be bought.

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