Jessica’s script

by Lacey DeLeye

Many of my clients (although I hesitate to use this term, since I spank women for the love of it rather than for money) are, either through shyness, nerves or preference, vague about the type of discipline they wish to receive. At the other extreme are the few clients who would like to role-play a prepared, detailed and scripted scenario. I’m not normally keen on scripted sessions—I’d rather a spanking develops organically within broad but agreed parameters—and more than once I have had to decline a client because she wished to do things that I was uncomfortable with, or because her demands would have involved such intense acting that I would have ceased to enjoy the spanking.

Jessica, who had previously seen me on a couple of occasions for standard OTK spankings, contacted me with a ‘very specific fantasy scenario’ that she would like to play out. I told her I would consider it. She then sent the following email, outlining in detail what she wanted:

Dear Michael, I am delighted that you may be interested in carrying out my scenario. As I said in my first email, it is quite specific. I hope you find it acceptable. Assuming we do not meet again, I would like us to be in role from the moment I arrive.

You are Head of Sales at a leading international manufacturing. I am one of your senior saleswomen. You have summoned me to your office because of my performance at a major trade fair. I was seen by several people snorting cocaine, drinking excessively and behaving inappropriately in the hotel bar, the night before an important sales pitch I was due to give. The pitch went disastrously and we lost a potentially valuable client.

I am standing before your desk. You tell me that you ought to fire me immediately, but because of my previous good performance you are considering whether an alternative to dismissal might be found. I plead with you not to fire me. You tell me that you have decided to take pity on me, but that I am going to be severely and appropriately punished for the damage I have done to the company and its reputation. You say that since I have embarrassed and hurt the company, you are going to embarrass and hurt me. You tell me to remove my clothes, folding each item up neatly after I have removed it and placing it on a chair, until I am wearing only panties and high heels. You then tell me to remove my panties and hand them to you. You tell me that I am going to be punished for the rubbish that came out of my mouth during the pitch. You order me to open my mouth, and then you bunch my panties and stuff them in my mouth. Then you say that since I had thirty minutes during which I messed up the meeting with the potential client, you are going to punish me for thirty minutes. You sit down, put me over your knee, and spank me hard with your hand for fifteen minutes. Then you say that that was my punishment for messing up the presentation. Now I’m going to be punished for messing up the question-and-answer session. You tell me to stand up and bend over the desk. You take off your leather belt, and you spend fifteen minutes belting me. Then you fuck me from behind, telling me that people who fuck with the company end up getting fucked themselves.

I hope all of that seems acceptable to you. Please let me know if you have any questions. Very much looking forward to (hopefully) enacting this with you.

Kind regards, Jessica

* * * * *

A week later I answered the knock at the door. “Jessica, come in. I’m sure you know full well why I have summoned you here. Remain standing. I’ve had various reports from colleagues and others about your performance at the recent trade fair…”

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